Dreams of the Great Unknown Latvian Cosmonaut In the dark year of 1990 a hyper-secret space mission was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome. On board was one of the greatest cosmonauts of the Soviet Union. She/he had flown many missions that were so secret nobody knew about them. In fact nobody, even today, knows if this great unknown Latvian cosmonaut is a she or a he. Probably this cosmonaut was sent into space to observe the observation satellites of the evil United States of America. Of course there was not much to see…., what can you observe about a satellite observing? So this great unknown Latvian cosmonaut was quietly making his/her rounds around the earth, admiring the big blue and white ball from his/her small windows.

In weightless condition, the brain reacts strangely, and it is said that many Cosmo and atsro-nauts experience a delirium of happiness when they are out in space. The brain has a non-stop party in space!

So our great unknown cosmonaut was really happy, until something went horribly wrong…..

We don't know much, after all it was secret mission, but there must have been an explosion or a short circuit that triggered the engines of the space station. Some way the station was catapulted in a new trajectory out of the orbit of planet earth and started to drift aimlessly into the endless dark space.

Only recently this strange space station adrift was picked up by long range radars and scanners, with the great unknown Latvian cosmonaut aboard, who now is also very lonely, alone in space….

Technicians have wondered if there was still somebody on board - the authorities did not want to say anything… But it was discovered that there had been a secret mission with an unknown Latvian cosmonaut on board, and so the technicians worked hard to establish radio contact with the station.

They only found a message saying that the cosmonaut, still hoping to be found and rescued, had put himself in permanent sleep. But our great unknown lonely Latvian cosmonaut was already out of reach….

Now we can only reach her/him in his/her sleep. The technicians have embarked on a freak experiment - they created a dream interface that can transfer the dreams of the great unknown Latvian cosmonaut to earth, and so we can experience the continuous dreams of the first and last great unkwnown Latvian cosmonaut…..

Watch it !